Butter Board

Butter Board


Introducing our Butter Board!
Dive into the collaborative pairings of Ploughgate's Butter Board and treat your family and friends to a culinary experience bound to enlighten your taste buds! We are offering four flavors of our butter to accompany crackers, local salami, jam, and chocolate. Slather Espelette or Crystalized Ginger and Cinnamon butter right onto a hunk of dark chocolate! Try the Saucisson Sec, salted butter, and a dash of Blake Hill's Classic Fig on a Rustic Sourdough Flatbread Cracker. Pair the Porcini butter with Saucisson Sec. We can't wait to hear what combinations you all come up with and love.

Ploughgate Cultured 4 oz Butters: Salted, Porcini, Espelette, and Crystalized Ginger and Cinnamon

Babette's Table Dry Aged Sausage: Saucisson Sec

Blake Hill Preserves: Classic Fig with Pear and Honey

Rabble-Rouser Dark Chocolate Buttons

Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbread Crackers

Love, Ploughgate

We only ship Monday-Wednesdays.