Butter board with cultured butter, cheese, crackers, meats, jams, and more
Brewer's Pretzel Flatbreads made with Upcycled Grains
Ploughgate Salted Cultured Butter
OG Butter Board
OG Butter Board

OG Butter Board


Ploughgate was ahead of the curve with the butter board trend—celebrating it as our go-to board for years. What makes the Ploughgate Butter Boards stand apart from its Instagram counterparts is treating the butter like cheese! No schmearing dips here—just deliciously thick slices of butter! We encourage folks to slather butter onto chocolate and pair butter slices with salami. We guarantee both of our Butter Board offerings will be a crowd-pleaser at your holiday parties and feasts (and make an excellent host gift).

The Ploughgate OG Butter Board includes:

  • 8oz Salted
  • 4oz Espelette
  • 4oz Maple
  • V Smiley Preserves Montmorency Plum Jam 
  • VT Salumi Fennel Salami 
  • Dick Taylor Chocolate Almonds 
  • Brewers Food Pretzel Crackers

Please note, that we only ship orders Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.